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Lee's Collision Center Is Your One Stop Automotive Collision Repair Center


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November 2007


They do a great job!
Deborah N. - 2002 BMW


They did a great job!
Clarissa W. - 2007 Honda


October 2007


They are very friendly and do great work!
Spencer M. - 2006 Nissan


They have fantastic service! I was really impressed!
Michael M. - 2002 Acura


August 2007


Everything was just perfect!
Victor M. - 2007 Honda


They did a really professional job!
Phillip H. - 2006 Cheverolet


July 2007


They stand by their work and I appreciate that!
Kimberly M. - 2007 Hummer


They are a top notch company and strive to take care of the customer!
Arthur D. - 2007 Honda


June 2007


They are good quality people!
Emmet H. - 2006 Toyota


They did a great job!
Chris E. - 2001 Honda


May 2007


They are excellent!
April S. - 2004 Chevrolet


They were extremely fast and efficient!
Tim B. - 2005 Honda


April 2007


They were wonderful!
Shalynda C. - 2003 Pontiac


They were all very nice!
Caroline L. - 2002 Toyota


March 2007


They went above and beyond!
Keith M. - 2004 Chrysler


Everything was just wonderful!
Mary W. - 1998 Toyota


February 2007


I was very impressed! The service was superb!
Tina R. - 1996 Nissan


They were very helpful!
Thomas M. - 2004 Jeep


January 2007


They were very polite and did a good job!
Claudia R. - 2003 Mitsubishi


It was a good experience!
James P. - 2003 Chrysler



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8:00 am to 5:30 pm


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